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balanced feederTwo-wire Balanced Feeder
 Four-wire Side-connected Balanced Feeder
 Four-wire Cross-connected Balanced Feeder
 Six-wire Hexagonal-section Alternately Connected Balanced Feeder
 Six-wire Side-connected Balanced Feeder
balanced/unbalanced transformationBalanced to Unbalanced Transformations
balunBalanced to Unbalanced Transformations
bandwidthBandwidth of a Horizontal Half-wave Dipole
 Bandwidth of a Radiator
 Calculation of Bandwidth
basic typeTypes of Radio-frequency Transmission Lines
beam slewingBeam Slewing for Broadside Arrays
Beverage antennaWave Antenna
bibliographyBibliography - Low Frequency Antennas
 Bibliography - Medium Frequency Antennas
 Bibliography - High Frequency Antennas
 Bibliography - RF Transmission Lines
 Bibliography - Antenna and Radiation Theory
biconical cage antennasFolded Dipoles
binomial current distributionBinomial Current Distributions
binomial current gradingBinomial Current Grading
both wires in parallel.Two-wire Unbalanced Feeder, with Both Wires in Parallel
broadcast antennaFM-TV on AM Antennas
broadcast antennasBroadcast Antennas on Buildings
 Development of Broadcast Antennas
 Ground Systems for Broadcast Antennas
broadcastingIncreasing Bandwidth of Vertical Radiators
broadside arrayBeam Slewing for Broadside Arrays
 Binomial Current Grading
broadside patternFourier Current Distributions
buildingsBroadcast Antennas on Buildings

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