Capacitors, Magnetic Circuits, and Transformers is a free introductory textbook on the physics of capacitors, coils, and transformers. See the editorial for more information....

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R-C circuitResistance and Capacitance
R-L circuitResistance and Self-Inductance
R-L-C circuitSeries R-L-C Circuit
ratingRating of Reactors as Functions of Volume
reactive powerReactive Power
reactorIron-Core Reactors
 Effect of Air Gaps
 Time Constant of Reactors as Functions of Volume
 Single-Core Saturable Reactor With Premagnetization
 2-Core Saturable Reactor
 Effect of Air Gaps
 Core Size and Stability of Reactors
 Air Gap and Wave Form
 Air Gap to Prevent D-C Saturation
 Rating of Reactors as Functions of Volume
relative dielectric constantElectric Field Intensity
 Relative Dielectric Constant
 Complex Dielectric Constant
release historyDownload and Release History
reluctanceMagnetic Circuits in Series and in Parallel
 Inductance in Terms of Magnetic Reluctance and Magnetic Permeance
residual flux densityHysteresis Loop
resistanceResistance and Self-Inductance
 Resistance and Capacitance
 Series R-L-C Circuit
 Resistance of Dielectric Configurations
 Effective Resistance and Q-Factor
reversible processThe Law of Conservation of Energy
rotating hysteresis lossRotational Hysteresis Loss
rutileTypes of Capacitors

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