Capacitors, Magnetic Circuits, and Transformers is a free introductory textbook on the physics of capacitors, coils, and transformers. See the editorial for more information....

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saturable reactorSaturable Reactors
 Magnetic Frequency Multipliers
 Frequency Tripler
 Single-Core Saturable Reactor With Premagnetization
 2-Core Saturable Reactor
 Gate Windings in Parallel
 Load Impedance Zero
 The Saturable Reactor As a Constant-Current Source
saturationAir Gap to Prevent D-C Saturation
Second Law of ThermodynamicsThe Law of Degradation of Energy
self-inductanceResistance and Self-Inductance
 Series R-L-C Circuit
 Variable Self-Inductance
 Force and Torque in a Circuit of Variable Self-Inductance
 Inductive Reactance
short-circuit testsOpen-Circuit and Short-Circuit Tests, Exciting Admittance, and Equivalent Impedance
single-conductor cableConcentric Cylinders
 Electric Field Intensity Between Concentric Cylinders
single-core reactorSingle-Core Saturable Reactor With Premagnetization
single-phase electrostatic machineElectrostatic Synchronous Machine
solenoidInductance in Terms of Magnetic Reluctance and Magnetic Permeance
space-chargeMechanism of Polarization
sphereUniformly Distributed Charge on an Isolated Sphere
springViscous Friction and Spring
 Spring, Mass, and Viscous Friction
static chargeCharge Within a Conductor That has a Static Charge
steel core with air gapGraphical Solution for Simple Magnetic Circuit with Short Air Gap
stiffness factorMechanical and Electrical Analogies
straight conductorMagnetic Field About a Straight Wire Carrying Current
suppressed even-harmonicsSteady-State Operation With Suppression of Even-Harmonics
synchronous motorElectrostatic Synchronous Machine

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