Capacitors, Magnetic Circuits, and Transformers is a free introductory textbook on the physics of capacitors, coils, and transformers. See the editorial for more information....

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eddy-current lossesCore Losses
 Eddy-Current Loss
 Factors Influencing Core Loss
effective resistanceEffective Resistance and Q-Factor
effective valueEffective Current
 Transformer Losses and Efficiency
elasticityViscous Friction and Spring
electric chargeThe Electric Field
electric circuitComparison of the Magnetic Circuit with the Electric Circuit
electric fieldElectric Flux
 Electric Field Intensity
 Gauss's Theorem
electric field intensityElectric Field Intensity Between Concentric Cylinders
electric fluxElectric Flux
electrical analogiesMechanical and Electrical Analogies
electrical energyElectrical Energy
electrolytic capacitorTypes of Capacitors
electromagnetCalculation of Magnetic Circuits without Air Gaps
 Magnetic Circuits in Series and in Parallel
electronic polarizationMechanism of Polarization
electrostatic forceThe Electric Field
electrostatic machineElectrostatic Synchronous Machine
emfInduced EMFs
 Work and Energy
 Potential and Kinetic Energy
 The Law of Conservation of Energy
 The Law of Degradation of Energy
 Thermal Energy
 Electrical Energy
 Energy and Power Relations in Mechanical and Electrical Systems
 Resistance and Capacitance
 Spring, Mass, and Viscous Friction
 Chemically Stored Energy
 Atomic Energy
 Voltage and Potential
 Energy Stored in a Capacitor
 Energy Stored in a Dielectric
 D-C Energy Storage Capacitors
 Mechanical Energy and Force in a Capacitor
 Energy Stored in Magnetic Circuits
 Dielectric Strength
energy productEnergy Product
energy storageEnergy Stored in a Rotating Flywheel
equivalent circuitEquivalent Circuits
 The Exact Equivalent Circuit
 The Approximate Equivalent Circuit
equivalent fluxVoltage Current and Flux Relations
equivalent impedanceOpen-Circuit and Short-Circuit Tests, Exciting Admittance, and Equivalent Impedance
even harmonicsOperation With Free Even-Harmonics
even-harmonicsSteady-State Operation With Suppression of Even-Harmonics
exampleCapacitance of Concentric Spheres
 Calculation of Magnetic Circuits without Air Gaps
 Iron and Air
 Graphical Solution for Simple Magnetic Circuit with Short Air Gap
 Demagnetization Curve
 Magnetic Circuits in Series and in Parallel
 Inductance in Terms of Magnetic Reluctance and Magnetic Permeance
 Core-Loss Current and Magnetizing Current
 Effect of Air Gaps
 Voltage Ratio, Current Ratio, and Impedance Ratio in the Ideal Transformer
 Equivalent Circuit of the Transformer
 Open-Circuit and Short-Circuit Tests, Exciting Admittance, and Equivalent Impedance
 Transformer Losses and Efficiency
 Voltage Regulation
 Multicircuit Transformers
 Relationship Between Applied Voltage and Conduction Angle for Noninductive Load
 Force and Energy Relationships Based on the Magnetization Curve
 Core Size and Stability of Reactors
exciting admittanceOpen-Circuit and Short-Circuit Tests, Exciting Admittance, and Equivalent Impedance
exciting currentCore-Loss Current and Magnetizing Current
 Exciting Current, Conductance, and Susceptance

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