Capacitors, Magnetic Circuits, and Transformers is a free introductory textbook on the physics of capacitors, coils, and transformers. See the editorial for more information....

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ferromagnetic coreIron-Core Reactors
ferromagnetic materialsMagnetic Materials
fieldElectric Flux
field intensityElectric Field Intensity
 Gauss's Theorem
 Electric Field Intensity Between Concentric Cylinders
First Law of ThermodynamicsThe Law of Conservation of Energy
fluxElectric Flux
 Gauss's Theorem
 The Toroidal Coil
 Leakage Flux and Leakage Reactance
flux densityMagnetic Force in Terms of Flux Density
flux linkageFlux Linkages
flux-current relationsVoltage Current and Flux Relations
flux-voltage relationsVoltage Current and Flux Relations
flywheelEnergy Stored in a Rotating Flywheel
forceWork and Energy
 Power and Torque
 Electric Field Intensity
 Magnetomotive Force, mmf
 Magnetic Force in Terms of Flux Density
 Force and Torque in a Circuit of Variable Self-Inductance
 Torque and Force in Inductively Coupled Circuits
 Forces in Nonlinear Magnetic Circuits
 Inductance of Magnetic Circuits Containing Iron
 Force and Energy Relationships Based on the Magnetization Curve
form factorPower Output
free even-harmonicsOperation With Free Even-Harmonics
frequency characteristicsVariable-Frequency Transformers
frequency doublerFrequency Doubler
frequency mulitplierMagnetic Frequency Multipliers
frequency triplerFrequency Tripler
frictionMass and Viscous Friction
 Viscous Friction and Spring
frictional resistanceSpring, Mass, and Viscous Friction
fringingCorrection for Fringing at Short Air Gaps

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