Capacitors, Magnetic Circuits, and Transformers is a free introductory textbook on the physics of capacitors, coils, and transformers. See the editorial for more information....

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cableConcentric Cylinders
 Electric Field Intensity Between Concentric Cylinders
capacitanceResistance and Capacitance
 Series R-L-C Circuit
 Mechanical and Electrical Analogies
 Capacitance and Related Effects
 Capacitance of Concentric Spheres
 Parallel-Plate Capacitor
 Concentric Cylinders
capacitorResistance and Capacitance
 Parallel-Plate Capacitor
 Energy Stored in a Capacitor
 Energy Stored in a Dielectric
 D-C Energy Storage Capacitors
 kVA Rating of Capacitors
 Types of Capacitors
 Mechanical Energy and Force in a Capacitor
ceramic dielectricsTypes of Capacitors
cgs electromagnetic systemOther Common Systems of Magnetic Units
chargeThe Electric Field
 Electric Flux
 Electric Field Intensity
 Gauss's Theorem
 Charge Within a Conductor That has a Static Charge
 Uniformly Distributed Charge on an Isolated Sphere
chemical energyChemically Stored Energy
coaxial cableGraded Insulation
coercive forceHysteresis Loop
complex dielectric constantComplex Dielectric Constant
complex permittivityComplex Dielectric Constant
complianceMechanical and Electrical Analogies
concentric cylindersConcentric Cylinders
 Electric Field Intensity Between Concentric Cylinders
concentric spheresCapacitance of Concentric Spheres
conducting sphereUniformly Distributed Charge on an Isolated Sphere
conduction angleMagnetic Frequency Multipliers
connectionOpen-Delta or V-V Connection
conservation of energyThe Law of Conservation of Energy
constant-current sourceThe Saturable Reactor As a Constant-Current Source
coreIron-Core Reactors
core lossesCore Losses
 Factors Influencing Core Loss
core of a magnetIron and Air
 Graphical Solution for Simple Magnetic Circuit with Short Air Gap
core-loss currentCore-Loss Current and Magnetizing Current
Coulomb's lawThe Electric Field
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currentEffective Current
 Core-Loss Current and Magnetizing Current
current gainGains
current ratioVoltage Ratio, Current Ratio, and Impedance Ratio in the Ideal Transformer
 Current Ratio
current-flux relationsVoltage Current and Flux Relations

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