The ebook FEEE - Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering and Electronics is based on material originally written by T.R. Kuphaldt and various co-authors. For more information please read the copyright pages.

Index F...

f, symbol for frequencyAC Inductor Circuits
Factor, conversionMetric prefixes and unit conversions
factor, powerPower in resistive and reactive AC circuits
FactoringAlgebra Reference
Fail-safe designFail-safe design
 Programmable logic controllers
Failure mode, zener diodeZener diodes
fan-inLarger 5 & 6-variable Karnaugh maps
faradElectric fields and capacitance
 AC Capacitor Circuits
Faraday's LawInductor commutating circuits
Fast Fourier TransformSquare wave signals
 Power quality measurement
Fault, groundTroubleshooting -- Theory and Practice
 Shock current path
FDDIExtended-distance networks
feedbackPositive feedback
 Precision voltage follower
feedback, amplifierFeedback
Feedback, negativeNegative feedback
 Common-Emitter Amplifier
Feedback, positiveLogic signal voltage levels
FemtoMetric notation
FerritePermeability and saturation
 Inductor quirks
FerromagnetismPermanent magnets
Ferroresonant transformerVoltage regulation
Fetch/execute cycleMicroprocessors
FFTSquare wave signals
 Power quality measurement
field fluxElectric fields and capacitance
 Magnetic fields and inductance
 Permanent magnets
field forceElectric fields and capacitance
 Magnetic fields and inductance
 Permanent magnets
field intensityMagnetic units of measurement
Field intensity, magneticHistorical, nonmechanical memory technologies
field winding, alternatorAutomotive alternator
field, electricElectric fields and capacitance
 An electric pendulum
 Principles of radio
Field, magneticMagnetic fields and inductance
 An electric pendulum
 Principles of radio
Field-effect transistorVoltmeter impact on measured circuit
 pH measurement
FieldbusExtended-distance networks
filterWhat is a Filter?
 Low-Pass Filters
 High-pass filters
 Band-pass filters
 Band-stop filters
 Resonant filters
 Applications of resonance
 Rectifier/filter circuit
Filter chokeRectifier/filter circuit
Finite state machineFinite-state machines
FirewireShort-distance busses
firingThe Shockley Diode
Flash ADCFlash ADC
Flash converterThe "operational" amplifier
Flash memoryModern nonmechanical memory
flip-flopIntroduction to Shift Registers
flip-flop vs. latchEdge-triggered latches: Flip-Flops
Flip-flop, J-KThe J-K flip-flop
flip-flop, SREdge-triggered latches: Flip-Flops
FloatingThe transistor as a switch
Floating input, definedThe NOT gate
 Basic gate function
 LED sequencer
Floating inputs, CMOS vs. TTLCMOS gate circuitry
Floppy diskMemory with moving parts: "Drives"
flow switchSwitch types
flow, electron vs. conventionalConventional versus electron flow
flux densityMagnetic units of measurement
Flux density, magneticHistorical, nonmechanical memory technologies
Foam, anti-staticMeter check of a transistor
Force, magnetomotiveElectromagnetism
forced commutationThe Silicon-Controlled Switch (SCS)
Form factorMeasurements of AC magnitude
FORTHMicroprocessor programming
FORTRANMicroprocessor programming
FORTRAN, computer languageUsing the Spice Circuit Simulation Program
forward biasIntroduction
forward voltage, diodeDiode Characteristic
Forward voltage, PN junctionThe NOT gate
four-layer diodeThe Shockley Diode
Four-wire resistance measurementKelvin (4-wire) resistance measurement
Fourier analysisSquare wave signals
Fourier TransformSquare wave signals
Free electronConductors, insulators, and electron flow
FrequencyOhm's Law (again!)
 AC Waveforms
 Frequency and Phase Measurement
 Musical keyboard as a signal generator
Frequency domainWaveform analysis
frequency meterFrequency and Phase Measurement
frequency modulationElectrical signal types
Frequency response, op-ampFrequency Response
frequency shift keyingElectrical signal types
Frequency, fundamentalStanding waves and resonance
Frequency, NyquistPractical considerations of ADC circuits
FSKElectrical signal types
FSMFinite-state machines
fuel cellFuel Cell
Full-bridge circuitStrain gauges
Full-wave rectificationOther waveshapes
 Full-wave center-tap rectifier
full-wave rectifierRectifier circuits
Function generatorMusical keyboard as a signal generator
Fundamental frequencyStanding waves and resonance
 Waveform analysis
FuseSafe practices
 Ammeter usage
fuse, slow-blowTransformer -- power supply
fusible linkFuses
Fuzzy logicIntroduction

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