The ebook FEEE - Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering and Electronics is based on material originally written by T.R. Kuphaldt and various co-authors. For more information please read the copyright pages.

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Octal numerationOctal and hexadecimal numeration
octaveAC Waveforms
oersted (unit)Magnetic units of measurement
offset nullOffset Voltage
offset voltageOffset Voltage
ohmOhmmeter Usage
Ohm (unit)How voltage, current, and resistance relate
Ohm's lawCorrect use of Ohm's Law
 DC circuit equations and laws
 Magnetic units of measurement
 Series R, L, and C
 Series resistor-capacitor circuits
 Series resistor-inductor circuits
 Some examples with AC circuits
 Simple AC circuit calculations
 Ohm's Law
 Ohm's Law
 Applications of Ohm's Law
Ohm's Law, ACAC Circuit Equations
Ohm's Law, AC versionPhase shift
Ohm's Law, correct contextSimple series circuits
 Simple parallel circuits
ohm's law, foMagnetic units of measurement
Ohm's Law, qualitativeComponent failure analysis
Ohm's Law, water analogyAn analogy for Ohm's Law
Ohm, unitSusceptance and Admittance
Ohmic region, JFETActive-mode operation
OhmmeterOhmmeter design
ohmmeter usageOhmmeter Usage
Ohms per voltVoltmeter impact on measured circuit
One's complementNegative binary numbers
one-shotTime-delay relays
 Contact "bounce"
One-shot, nonretriggerableMonostable multivibrators
One-shot, retriggerableMonostable multivibrators
Op-ampThe "operational" amplifier
 Offset Voltage
 Bias Current
 Differential Amplifier
 Simple Op-Amp
Open circuitResistance
Operational amplifierThe "operational" amplifier
 Multi-Stage Amplifier
 Differential Amplifier
 Simple Op-Amp
operational amplifier, programmableSimple Op-Amp
OppositeTrigonometry Reference
Optical fiberOptical data communication
optical switchSwitch types
ORGate universality
OR gateOR gate
OR gate, TTLTTL NOR and OR gates
orbitalAngular Momentum Quantum Number
OscillationAn electric pendulum
OscillatorApplications of resonance
 Positive feedback
 Hysteretic Oscillator
Oscillator, relaxationGas discharge tubes
Oscillator, voltage-controlledMicrowave tubes
oscilloscopeWhat is a meter?
 AC Waveforms
 Frequency and Phase Measurement
 PC Oscilloscope
Oscilloscope couplingSignal coupling
 Half-wave rectifier
Over-unity machineSuperconductivity
overall viewFrequencies of Electromagnetic Oscillation
Overcurrent protectionSafe practices
Overload heaterContactors
overrangeVoltmeter usage
oversamplingDelta-Sigma ADC
OvertoneStanding waves and resonance
 Power quality measurement
overviewFrequencies of Electromagnetic Oscillation

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