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C (unit)AC Waveforms
C, computer languageUsing the Spice Circuit Simulation Program
C, symbol for capacitanceElectric fields and capacitance
C/C++Microprocessor programming
cable, coaxialA 50-Ohm Cable?
CADET computerLook-up tables
cadmium cellMercury Standard Cells
calculatorHand calculator use
CalculusCapacitors and calculus
 Inductors and calculus
 Electromagnetic induction
 AC Capacitor Circuits
 AC Inductor Circuits
 Computational circuits
 The "operational" amplifier
 Differentiator and integrator circuits
 Rate-of-change indicator
Calculus, derivative functionCapacitors and calculus
 Inductors and calculus
Calibration "drift"Rheostat range limiting
capacitanceElectric fields and capacitance
 Factors affecting capacitance
 AC Capacitor Circuits
 Diode ratings
 Varactor Diode
Capacitance equationCapacitor sizing equation
Capacitive couplingIntroduction
 Circuit effects
 Input and output coupling
capacitive reactanceAC Capacitor Circuits
capacitorElectric fields and capacitance
 AC Capacitor Circuits
 Capacitor Charging and Discharging
capacitor, bypassFeedback
Capacitor, decouplingSignal coupling
Capacitor, electrolyticPractical considerations
Capacitor, op-amp compensationFrequency Response
Capacitor, tantalumPractical considerations
capacitor, variableFactors affecting capacitance
 AC Instrumentation Transducers
Capacitors, nonpolarizedPractical considerations
Capacitors, polarizedPractical considerations
Capacitors, series and parallelSeries and parallel capacitors
Capacity, batteryBattery ratings
carbon nanotube transistorCarbon Nanotube Transistor
cardiac defibrillationPhysiological effects of electricity
Cardio-Pulmonary ResuscitationEmergency response
Carrier, strain gaugeStrain gauges
Carrier-Sense Multiple AccessNetwork protocols
cat-eye tubeDisplay tubes
CathodeThe triode
cathode ray tubeWhat is a meter?
 AC Voltmeters and Ammeters
 Display tubes
 Historical, nonmechanical memory technologies
CausticpH measurement
Cb (unit)Static electricity
CCDHistorical, nonmechanical memory technologies
cellElectron activity in chemical reactions
 Battery construction
CelsiusAC Waveforms
Celsius (temperature scale)Conductance
center-tap rectifierRectifier circuits
 Full-wave center-tap rectifier
CentiMetric notation
 AC Waveforms
Central Processing UnitMicroprocessors
Centronics parallel busShort-distance busses
cgs systemMagnetic units of measurement
Characteristic curves, transistorActive-mode operation
 Active mode operation
Characteristic impedanceCharacteristic impedance
chargeStatic electricity
charge, definitionStatic electricity
Charge-Coupled DeviceHistorical, nonmechanical memory technologies
chargingCapacitor Charging and Discharging
charging of batteryPractical considerations
charging, capacitorElectric fields and capacitance
Charging, inductorMagnetic fields and inductance
check valveIntroduction
chemical detection cellChemical Detection Cell
ChokeMagnetic fields and inductance
 Inductor-capacitor "tank" circuit
Choke, filterRectifier/filter circuit
CipherSystems of numeration
circuitElectric Circuits
 A Very Simple Circuit
Circuit breakerSafe practices
Circuit, closedResistance
Circuit, equivalentPractical considerations
 Thevenin's Theorem
 Thevenin-Norton equivalencies
 Delta-Y and Y-Delta Conversions
 Practical considerations
Circuit, openResistance
Circuit, shortResistance
 A Very Simple Circuit
Circuits, nonlinearThevenin's Theorem
Circular milConductor size
Clamper circuitClamper circuits
class A amplifier operationBiasing techniques
class AB amplifier operationBiasing techniques
class B amplifier operationBiasing techniques
class B audio amplifierClass B audio amplifier
class C amplifier operationBiasing techniques
class D amplifier operationBiasing techniques
class, amplifier operationBiasing techniques
Class, transformer heat ratingHeat and Noise
clipper circuitClipper circuits
clockIntroduction to Shift Registers
clock signalEdge-triggered latches: Flip-Flops
Closed circuitResistance
clutchOther specialized motors
CmilConductor size
CMOSCMOS gate circuitry
CMRRCommon-Mode Gain
CNC machine tool controlMicroprocessors
coaxial cableA 50-Ohm Cable?
coherent lightLaser diodes
Cold-cathode tubeIonization (gas-filled) tubes
collector currentTransistor Ratings
collisionNetwork protocols
color codeResistor Color Codes
 Ohmmeter Usage
combinational logicCombinational Logic
Common differenceAlgebra Reference
Common logarithmpH measurement
common-base amplifierThe common-base amplifier
Common-collector amplifierThe common-collector amplifier
common-emitter amplifierThe common-emitter amplifier
 Common-Emitter Amplifier
Common-mode rejection ratioCommon-Mode Gain
common-mode voltageElectrical isolation
 Common-Mode Gain
 Differential Amplifier
commonality, electricalOhmmeter Usage
communications gatewayNetwork protocols
Commutating diodeInductor commutating circuits
 Commutating diode
CommutationInductor commutating circuits
commutation timeDiode ratings
commutation, forcedThe Silicon-Controlled Switch (SCS)
commutation, naturalThe Silicon-Controlled Switch (SCS)
Commutative propertyBoolean algebraic properties
commutator motorAC commutator motors
compactPCI busShort-distance busses
ComparatorThe "operational" amplifier
Compensation capacitor, op-ampFrequency Response
Compensation, thermocouple reference junctionThermocouples
CompilerUsing the Spice Circuit Simulation Program
 Microprocessor programming
Complement, one'sNegative binary numbers
Complement, two'sNegative binary numbers
Complementary output gateSpecial-output gates
Complementation, numericalNegative binary numbers
Complex numberIntroduction
 AC Phase
 Power in resistive and reactive AC circuits
Complex number arithmeticComplex number arithmetic
complex vector additionComplex vector addition
computer automated designIntroduction
Computer simulationComputer simulation of electric circuits
 Voltage divider
Computer, analogA Very Simple Computer
 Rate-of-change indicator
CondenserSwitch contact design
 Synchronous Condenser
condenser (or condensor)Electric fields and capacitance
 Susceptance and Admittance
conductionCurrent flow in a Semiconductor
Conduction bandBand Theory of Solids
conduction in gasesNonlinear Conduction
ConductivityConductors, insulators, and electron flow
Conductivity, earthCommon sources of hazard
Conductivity-Modulated Field-Effect TransistorIGBTs
ConductorConductors, insulators, and electron flow
Conductor ampacityConductor and Insulator Tables
 Conductor ampacity
Conductor, "ground"Safe circuit design
Conductor, "hot"Safe circuit design
Conductor, "neutral"Safe circuit design
Conservation of Energy, Law ofStep-up and step-down transformers
Constant-current diodeActive mode operation
 JFET Current Regulator
 Constant-current diodes
Constants, mathematicalAlgebra Reference
Contact bounceContact "bounce"
 NAND gate S-R flip-flop
 LED sequencer
Contact debouncingContact "bounce"
Contact, seal-inMotor control circuits
 Programmable logic controllers
Contact, switchSwitch contact design
ContinuityConductors, insulators, and electron flow
 Safe meter usage
 Ohmmeter Usage
continuity vs. commonalityOhmmeter Usage
controlled rectifierThe Silicon-Controlled Rectifier (SCR)
conventional flowConventional versus electron flow
Conversion factorMetric prefixes and unit conversions
conversion rateNykquist Frequency
Conversion rate, ADCPractical considerations of ADC circuits
Cooper pairsSuperconductivity
core lossResonance in series-parallel circuits
Cosines, law ofTrigonometry Reference
CoulombBattery ratings
coulomb (unit)Static electricity
 How voltage, current, and resistance relate
counterFrequency and Phase Measurement
Counter, asynchronousAsynchronous counters
Counter, ringDecimal versus binary numeration
Counter, synchronousSynchronous counters
couplingInput and output coupling
Coupling loop, resonatorMicrowave tubes
Coupling, signalCircuit effects
covalent bondElectron activity in chemical reactions
CPREmergency response
CPS (unit)AC Waveforms
CrestMeasurements of AC magnitude
Crest factorMeasurements of AC magnitude
Critical temperature, superconductorsConductor and Insulator Tables
Crossover distortionTubes versus Semiconductors
crossover networkWhat is a Filter?
crowbarThe Silicon-Controlled Rectifier (SCR)
CRTWhat is a meter?
 AC Voltmeters and Ammeters
 Display tubes
CrumbBit groupings
crystalFrequency and Phase Measurement
 Crystal Structure
CSMANetwork protocols
CSMA/BANetwork protocols
CSMA/CDNetwork protocols
CTSpecial transformers and applications
 Protective relays
CurrentConductors, insulators, and electron flow
 Voltage and current
 How voltage, current, and resistance relate
Current dividerCurrent divider circuits
 Current divider
Current divider formulaCurrent divider circuits
Current mirrorCurrent mirrors
 555 Ramp Generator
 Current Mirror
 JFET Current Regulator
current regulatorCurrent Mirror
Current signalCurrent signal systems
Current signal, 10-50 milliampCurrent signal systems
Current signal, 4-20 milliampCurrent signal systems
Current sinkThe NOT gate
 CMOS gate circuitry
Current sourceNorton's Theorem
 Current signal systems
 Voltage-to-current signal conversion
 Active mode operation
 The NOT gate
 CMOS gate circuitry
Current sourcing vs. sinkingCurrent mirrors
current transforAC Voltmeters and Ammeters
current transformerSpecial transformers and applications
 Protective relays
Current, alternatingVoltage and current
Current, contact "wetting"Switch contact design
current, definitionAmmeter usage
Current, directVoltage and current
current, inrushFuses
Current, lineThree-Phase Y and Delta Configurations
Current, phaseThree-Phase Y and Delta Configurations
current, precise definitionPower in electric circuits
Current, relay drop-outRelay construction
Current, relay pull-inRelay construction
Current-limiting diodeConstant-current diodes
Current-regulating diodeConstant-current diodes
Curve, characteristicActive-mode operation
 Active mode operation
cutoff frequencyLow-Pass Filters
 High-pass filters
Cutoff voltageThe transistor as a switch
Cutoff, transistorThe transistor as a switch
 Active mode operation
cycleAC Waveforms

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