The ebook FEEE - Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering and Electronics is based on material originally written by T.R. Kuphaldt and various co-authors. For more information please read the copyright pages.

Index I...

i, imaginary operatorPolar and rectangular notation
I, symbol for currentDC circuit equations and laws
 Series resistor-capacitor circuits
 Series resistor-inductor circuits
 Ohm's Law
i, symbol for instantaneous currentCapacitors and calculus
 Inductors and calculus
 AC Resistor Circuits
 AC Resistor Circuits
 Current mirrors
IDE busShort-distance busses
IGBTField-effect-controlled thyristors
IGTField-effect-controlled thyristors
Illegal stateThe S-R latch
 NOR gate S-R latch
ImpedanceMaximum Power Transfer Theorem
 AC Circuit Equations
 Review of R, X, and Z
 Series R, L, and C
 Susceptance and Admittance
 Series resistor-capacitor circuits
 Series resistor-inductor circuits
 Input and output coupling
impedance matchingSpecial transformers and applications
 Sensitive audio detector
 Sensitive voltage detector
impedance, amplifierVoltage Follower
Impedance, characteristicCharacteristic impedance
impedance, definitionSensitive audio detector
 Sensitive voltage detector
Incident waveFinite-length transmission lines
IndicatorVoltage signal systems
InductanceMagnetic fields and inductance
 Factors affecting inductance
 AC Inductor Circuits
Inductance equationInductor sizing equation
Inductance, leakageStray capacitance and inductance
Inductance, mutualPractical considerations
 Mutual inductance
inductionWhat is alternating current (AC)?
induction heatingEnergy losses
induction motorSingle-phase induction motors
 Tesla Polyphase Induction Motors
 Theory of operation
 Motor Starting and Speed Control
 Linear induction motor
Induction, electromagneticElectromagnetic induction
 Electromagnetic Induction
inductive "kickback"Sensitive audio detector
 Sensitive voltage detector
Inductive couplingIntroduction
 Circuit effects
Inductive heatingInductor quirks
Inductive output tubeMicrowave tubes
Inductive reactanceMagnetic fields and inductance
 AC Inductor Circuits
InductorMagnetic fields and inductance
 Electromagnetic induction
 AC Inductor Circuits
 How to Make an Inductor
inductor, toroidalFactors affecting inductance
Inductors, series and parallelSeries and parallel inductors
InfineonInfineon HiPAC-EDT
Input, invertingSingle-ended and differential amplifiers
Input, noninvertingSingle-ended and differential amplifiers
inrush currentFuses
Inrush current, transformerInrush current
Instantaneous valueCapacitors and calculus
 Inductors and calculus
 Electromagnetic induction
 AC Resistor Circuits
 AC Resistor Circuits
 How voltage, current, and resistance relate
Insulated-Gate Bipolar TransistorField-effect-controlled thyristors
Insulated-Gate TransistorField-effect-controlled thyristors
insulation breakdownNonlinear Conduction
 High voltage ohmmeters
Insulation, wireOhm's Law (again!)
InsulatorConductors, insulators, and electron flow
 Insulator breakdown voltage
integral, calculusCore saturation
Integral, indefiniteCalculus Reference
integrated circuitResistors
 Current mirrors
Integration, calculusComputational circuits
 Differentiator and integrator circuits
interactive adjustmentPrecision potentiometer
Interlock, mechanicalPermissive and interlock circuits
InterlockingPermissive and interlock circuits
InterpreterUsing the Spice Circuit Simulation Program
 Microprocessor programming
intersectionVenn Diagram and Sets
intrinsic semiconductorIntrinsic Semiconductor
Invalid stateThe S-R latch
 NOR gate S-R latch
Inverter gateDigital signals and gates
 The NOT gate
Inverter gate, CMOSCMOS gate circuitry
Inverter gate, totem pole TTLThe NOT gate
Inverting amplifierDivided feedback
 The common-emitter amplifier
 Noninverting amplifier
 Common-Emitter Amplifier
Inverting summerAverager and summer circuits
ionic bondElectron activity in chemical reactions
ionizationNonlinear Conduction
 Ionization (gas-filled) tubes
 Gas discharge tubes
ionization potentialNonlinear Conduction
iron-vane meterWhat is a meter?
Iron-vane meter movementMeasurements of AC magnitude
 AC Voltmeters and Ammeters
ISO DIS7498Network protocols
isolation transformerElectrical isolation

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