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NANDGate universality
NAND gateNAND gate
NAND gate S-R enabled latchNAND gate S-R enabled latch
NAND gate S-R flip-flopNAND gate S-R flip-flop
NAND gate, CMOSCMOS gate circuitry
NAND gate, TTLTTL NAND and AND gates
nand-nand logicMinterm vs Maxterm Solution
NanoMetric notation
National Electrical CodeConductor ampacity
natural commutationThe Silicon-Controlled Rectifier (SCR)
 The Silicon-Controlled Switch (SCS)
Natural impedanceCharacteristic impedance
Natural logarithmSolving for unknown time
NC machine tool controlMicroprocessors
NCTCTime-delay relays
NCTOTime-delay relays
NECConductor ampacity
negative chargeStatic electricity
Negative feedbackNegative feedback
 Common-Emitter Amplifier
negative resistanceNonlinear Conduction
 Tunnel Diodes
Negative sequenceHarmonic phase sequences
Negative-AND gateNegative-AND gate
Negative-OR gateNegative-OR gate
Netlist, SPICEUsing the Spice Circuit Simulation Program
 Computer simulation of electric circuits
 Scientific notation in SPICE
 Simple series circuits
 Simple parallel circuits
networkNetworks and busses
Network analysisWhat is network analysis?
Network determinismPractical considerations
network protocolNetwork protocols
Network theoremIntroduction to network theorems
neuronPhysiological effects of electricity
neurotransmitterPhysiological effects of electricity
Neutral conductorSingle-phase power systems
Neutral wireSafe circuit design
neutronStatic electricity
 Electron activity in chemical reactions
 Quantum physics
 Pauli exclusion principle
 Quantum Mechanics
Nibble (or Nybble)Bit groupings
NickleBit groupings
Node number, SPICEComputer simulation of electric circuits
Node, digital networkNetwork topology
Node, vs. antinodeStanding waves and resonance
Nodes, SPICEUsing the Spice Circuit Simulation Program
Noise margin, logic gateLogic signal voltage levels
Noise, transformerHeat and Noise
Noninverting amplifierDivided feedback
 Noninverting amplifier
Noninverting summerAverager and summer circuits
nonlinearNonlinear Conduction
Nonlinear circuitThevenin's Theorem
Nonlinear componentsHarmonics in Polyphase Power Systems
 Other waveshapes
 Power quality measurement
Nonlinear resistanceNonlinear resistance
Nonlinearity, PN junctionThe NOT gate
nonpolarizedConventional versus electron flow
 Practical considerations
nonvolatile memoryDigital memory terms and concepts
NORGate universality
NOR gateNOR gate
NOR gate S-R latchNOR gate S-R latch
NOR gate, TTLTTL NOR and OR gates
Normal magnetization curvePermeability and saturation
Normally-closedContact "normal" state and make/break sequence
Normally-openContact "normal" state and make/break sequence
Norton's TheoremNorton's Theorem
 Special transformers and applications
NOTGate universality
NOT gateDigital signals and gates
 The NOT gate
NOT gate, CMOSCMOS gate circuitry
NOT gate, totem pole TTLThe NOT gate
Notation, polarPolar and rectangular notation
Notation, rectangularPolar and rectangular notation
Notation, scientificScientific notation
NOTCTime-delay relays
notch filterBand-stop filters
NOTOTime-delay relays
nuclear switchSwitch types
nucleusStatic electricity
 Electron activity in chemical reactions
null detectorAC Bridge Circuits
 Potentiometric voltmeter
null meterAC Bridge Circuits
Null-balance voltmeterPotentiometric voltmeter
NumberNumbers versus numeration
Number, complexIntroduction
 AC Phase
 Power in resistive and reactive AC circuits
Number, scalarIntroduction
 Power in resistive and reactive AC circuits
Numeration systemNumbers versus numeration
Nyquist frequencyPractical considerations of ADC circuits
 Nykquist Frequency

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