The ebook FEEE - Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering and Electronics is based on material originally written by T.R. Kuphaldt and various co-authors. For more information please read the copyright pages.

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R, symbol for resistanceDC circuit equations and laws
 Series resistor-capacitor circuits
 Series resistor-inductor circuits
 Ohm's Law
Race conditionThe S-R latch
 Edge-triggered latches: Flip-Flops
 NOR gate S-R latch
RadianTrigonometry Reference
 AC Capacitor Circuits
radian, angular measurementAC Inductor Circuits
radioMore on the "skin effect"
 Principles of radio
radio frequencyA 50-Ohm Cable?
 More on the "skin effect"
Radio wavePrinciples of radio
radioactivityStatic electricity
Rail voltageNegative feedback
 Precision voltage follower
RAMDigital memory terms and concepts
random access memoryDigital memory terms and concepts
rate of voltage riseThe Shockley Diode
 The Silicon-Controlled Rectifier (SCR)
Rate-of-change indicatorRate-of-change indicator
Ratio arm, Wheatstone bridgeBridge circuits
Ratio, transformerStep-up and step-down transformers
RePolar and rectangular notation
Re-drawing schematic diagramsRe-drawing complex schematics
ReactanceAC Circuit Equations
 Review of R, X, and Z
 Susceptance and Admittance
 AC Capacitor Circuits
 AC Inductor Circuits
Reactance, inductiveMagnetic fields and inductance
reactive powerTrue, Reactive, and Apparent Power
ReactorMagnetic fields and inductance
Read, destructiveHistorical, nonmechanical memory technologies
read-only memoryDigital memory terms and concepts
read-write memoryDigital memory terms and concepts
reading memoryDigital memory terms and concepts
Rectangular notationPolar and rectangular notation
rectangular sShift Register, Parallel-in, Serial-out
Rectification, full-waveOther waveshapes
 Full-wave center-tap rectifier
Rectification, half-waveOther waveshapes
 Half-wave rectifier
rectifierRectifier circuits
Rectifier, silicon-controlledOther waveshapes
Rectifier/filterRectifier/filter circuit
rectifyiOhmmeter Usage
recycle timerTime-delay relays
reed frequency meterFrequency and Phase Measurement
Reference junction compensationThermocouples
Reference junction, thermocoupleBias Current
Reflected waveFinite-length transmission lines
Reflectometer, time-domainFinite-length transmission lines
Reflex klystronMicrowave tubes
regenerative feedbackHysteresis
Register, successive approximationSuccessive approximation ADC
regulator, currentCurrent Mirror
Regulator, voltageThe common-collector amplifier
Relative permittivityCharacteristic impedance
Relaxation oscillatorGas discharge tubes
 Relay construction
Relay, protectiveProtective relays
release historyDownload and Release History
reluctanceMagnetic units of measurement
 Mutual inductance and basic operation
reluctance motorReluctance motor
reluctance, magneticBuild a transformer
repulsion motorAC commutator motors
Reset stateNOR gate S-R latch
Reset, latchThe S-R latch
 Review of R, X, and Z
 Susceptance and Admittance
 More on the "skin effect"
 How voltage, current, and resistance relate
resistance, definitionOhmmeter Usage
Resistance, effectiveInductor quirks
Resistance, internal to batteryBattery construction
Resistance, specificConductor and Insulator Tables
 Specific resistance
Resistance, temperature coefficient ofConductor and Insulator Tables
 Temperature coefficient of resistance
resistor color codesResistor Color Codes
Resistor, "swampinThermocouples
resistor, custom valueCreating custom calibration resistances
resistor, fixedResistors
resistor, loadResistors
Resistor, multiplierVoltmeter design
resistor, potentiometerResistors
Resistor, pulldownLED sequencer
Resistor, pullupCMOS gate circuitry
Resistor, shuntAmmeter design
 Voltage Follower
resistor, variableResistors
resistor, wire-woundCreating custom calibration resistances
resolutionResolution of ADC circuits
Resolution, ADCPractical considerations of ADC circuits
ResonanceAC Circuit Equations
 Standing waves and resonance
 An electric pendulum
 Simple parallel (tank circuit) resonance
 Simple series resonance
 Resonance in series-parallel circuits
 Inductor-capacitor "tank" circuit
resonance, mechanicalFrequency and Phase Measurement
Resonance, transformer and inductorStray capacitance and inductance
resonant filterResonant filters
Resonant frequencyInductor-capacitor "tank" circuit
resonant frequency meterFrequency and Phase Measurement
resonant tunneling diodeRTD - Resonant Tunneling Diode
ResonateAn electric pendulum
Restorer circuitClamper circuits
Resultant vectorSome examples with AC circuits
RetentivityPermanent magnets
reverse biasIntroduction
reverse recovery timeDiode ratings
reverse voltageTransistor Ratings
reverse voltage ratingDiode Characteristic
RFA 50-Ohm Cable?
 More on the "skin effect"
RF attenuatorsRF Attenuators
RheostatActive-mode operation
 Active mode operation
 Potentiometer as a Rheostat
Rheostat arm, Wheatstone bridgeBridge circuits
Rheostat range limitingRheostat range limiting
ring counterIntroduction to Shift Registers
 Decimal versus binary numeration
ring countersRing Counters
 Johnson Counters
Ring topologyNetwork topology
Ripple effectAsynchronous counters
ripple voltageRectifier circuits
 Half-wave rectifier
 Rectifier/filter circuit
rmks systemMagnetic units of measurement
RMSMeasurements of AC magnitude
 AC Voltmeters and Ammeters
ROMDigital memory terms and concepts
root-mean-squareMeasurements of AC magnitude
 AC Voltmeters and Ammeters
Rotary shaft encoderSynchronous counters
Rotating magnetic fieldPolyphase motor design
rpmPower in electric circuits
RS-232CExtended-distance networks
RS-422AExtended-distance networks
RS-485Extended-distance networks
RTDRTD - Resonant Tunneling Diode
Rule, left-handElectromagnetism
Rule, slideArithmetic with scientific notation
Rules for antiderivativeCalculus Reference
Rules, parallel circuitsSimple parallel circuits
 What is a series-parallel circuit?
 Series R, L, and C
Rules, series circuitsSimple series circuits
 What is a series-parallel circuit?
 Series R, L, and C
runaway, thermalFeedback
Rutherford's atomic modelRutherford's Atomic Model
RVDTAC Instrumentation Transducers

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