The ebook FEEE - Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering and Electronics is based on material originally written by T.R. Kuphaldt and various co-authors. For more information please read the copyright pages.

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B&S (Brown and Sharpe)Conductor size
B, symbol for magnetic flux densityHistorical, nonmechanical memory technologies
backward compatibilityMicroprocessor programming
banana plugs and jacksPrecision potentiometer
Band, electronBand Theory of Solids
band-elimination filterBand-stop filters
band-pass filterBand-pass filters
band-reject filterBand-stop filters
band-stop filterBand-stop filters
bandwidthElectrical signal types
bandwidth, amplifierFeedback
Barrier stripBuilding simple resistor circuits
 Building series-parallel resistor circuits
Base, numeration systemSystems of numeration
BASICMicroprocessor programming
Basic gate functionBasic gate function
BASIC, computer languageUsing the Spice Circuit Simulation Program
BatteryVoltage and current
 Electron activity in chemical reactions
 Battery construction
 Practical considerations
Battery capacityBattery ratings
baud, unitElectrical signal types
Beam power tubeBeam power tubes
betaTransistor Ratings
Beta ratioActive mode operation
 Current mirrors
 Current Mirror
Beta ratio, bipolar transistorTube parameters
Beta variationsActive mode operation
Bias currentBias Current
bias current, op-ampIntegrator
bias, diodeIntroduction
bias, transistorThe common-emitter amplifier
 Biasing techniques
biasing techniquesPractical Biasing Techniques
bifilar windingCreating custom calibration resistances
BilateralActive-mode operation
Bilateral switchSpecial-output gates
bimetallic stripFuses
binary additionFull-Adder
binary numberBinary count sequence
 Binary addition
 Negative binary numbers
 Decimal versus binary numeration
Binary numerationSystems of numeration
Binary pointDecimal versus binary numeration
binding postsPrecision potentiometer
Bipolar-mode MOSFETIGBTs
bistablePositive feedback
bistable multivibratorDigital logic with feedback
BitBit groupings
Bit bobbleTracking ADC
Bit, binarySystems of numeration
Bit, least significantDecimal versus binary numeration
Bit, most significantDecimal versus binary numeration
bitwise arbitrationNetwork protocols
BJT switchTransistor as a switch
Block, terminalBuilding simple resistor circuits
BluetoothShort-distance busses
Bode plotWhat is a Filter?
 Simple parallel (tank circuit) resonance
Bohr's atomic modelBohr's Atomic Model
bondElectron activity in chemical reactions
Bonded strain gaugeStrain gauges
Boolean AlgebraDigital logic functions
Boosting, AC voltage sourcesSingle-phase power systems
Boosting, transformer connectionWinding configurations
Bounce, switch contactMonostable multivibrators
 Contact "bounce"
 NAND gate S-R flip-flop
 LED sequencer
bps, unitElectrical signal types
Branch Current analysisBranch current method
breadboardOhmmeter Usage
Breadboard, solderlessBuilding simple resistor circuits
 Building series-parallel resistor circuits
Break-before-makeContact "normal" state and make/break sequence
breakdownThe Shockley Diode
 Diode Characteristic
Breakdown, insulationInsulator breakdown voltage
 High voltage ohmmeters
breakoverThe Shockley Diode
Bridge circuitBridge circuits
 AC Bridge Circuits
 AC Instrumentation Transducers
Bridge circuit, "full"Strain gauges
Bridge circuit, "half"Strain gauges
Bridge circuit, "quarter"Strain gauges
bridge rectifierRectifier circuits
 Full-wave bridge rectifier
Bridge, Kelvin DoubleBridge circuits
Bridge, WheatstoneBridge circuits
bridged T attenuatorBridged T Attenuator
Broadcast, digital networkNetwork topology
brushWhat is alternating current (AC)?
brushless DC motorBrushless DC motor
Bubble memoryHistorical, nonmechanical memory technologies
Bubble, gate symbolDigital signals and gates
Bucking, AC voltage sourcesSingle-phase power systems
Bucking, transformer connectionWinding configurations
bufferGate universality
Buffer gateThe "buffer" gate
Buffer gate, open-collector TTLThe "buffer" gate
Buffer gate, totem pole TTLThe "buffer" gate
busNetworks and busses
 Short-distance busses
Bus topologyNetwork topology
BusbarConductor size
bypass capacitorFeedback
ByteBit groupings

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