The ebook FEEE - Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering and Electronics is based on material originally written by T.R. Kuphaldt and various co-authors. For more information please read the copyright pages.

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Table, look-upLook-up tables
Table, truthDigital signals and gates
Tank circuitVoltage regulation
 An electric pendulum
 Simple parallel (tank circuit) resonance
 Resonance in series-parallel circuits
 Inductor-capacitor "tank" circuit
Tantalum capacitorPractical considerations
Tap switchWinding configurations
TE modeWaveguides
TEM modeWaveguides
temperature coefficientpn-Junction as Temperature Sensor
Temperature coefficient of resistanceConductor and Insulator Tables
 Temperature coefficient of resistance
Temperature compensation, strain gaugeStrain gauges
temperature sensorpn-Junction as Temperature Sensor
temperature switchSwitch types
Temperature, crConductor and Insulator Tables
TeraMetric notation
Terminal blockBuilding series-parallel resistor circuits
Terminal stripBuilding simple resistor circuits
 Building series-parallel resistor circuits
 A Very Simple Circuit
terminal, "ring" lugAutomotive alternator
tesla (unit)Magnetic units of measurement
Tesla coilSpecial transformers and applications
Test leadSafe meter usage
tetanusPhysiological effects of electricity
tetrodeNonlinear Conduction
Tetrode tubeThe tetrode
 Depletion-type IGFETs
Text editorComputer simulation of electric circuits
Theorem, DeMorgan'sDigital logic functions
Theorem, Maximum Power TransferMaximum Power Transfer Theorem
Theorem, Millman'sMillman's Theorem
 Millman's Theorem revisited
Theorem, networkIntroduction to network theorems
Theorem, Norton'sNorton's Theorem
Theorem, SuperpositionSuperposition Theorem
 Three-phase power systems
 Circuit effects
Theorem, Thevenin'sThevenin's Theorem
 Complex circuits
thermal runawayCurrent Mirror
 JFET Current Regulator
thermal runaway, bBJFeedback
thermal voltage, diodeDiode Characteristic
 Bias Current
Thevenin's TheoremThevenin's Theorem
 Complex circuits
 Special transformers and applications
three input adderFull-Adder
Three-phaseThree-phase power systems
three-phase bridge rectifierRectifier circuits
Three-wire DC systemThree-phase power systems
Throws, switchContact "normal" state and make/break sequence
ThyratronIonization (gas-filled) tubes
Thyratron tubeGas discharge tubes
ThyristorIonization (gas-filled) tubes
 The Shockley Diode
Time constantVoltage and current calculations
 Capacitor Charging and Discharging
Time constant equationsTime constant equations
Time constant formulaVoltage and current calculations
time delay relay contactTime-delay relays
Time domainWaveform analysis
Time-domain reflectometerFinite-length transmission lines
timerTime-delay relays
 The 555 IC
 Monostable Multivibrator
TM modeWaveguides
TO-18Package TO-18
TO-254AAPackage TO-254AA
TO-3Package TO-3
TO-39Package TO-39
TO-5Package TO-5
TO-66Package TO-66
TO-72Package TO-72
toggle switchSwitch types
Token ringExtended-distance networks
token-passing protocolNetwork protocols
toroidal core inductorFactors affecting inductance
torquePower in electric circuits
Total internal reflectanceOptical data communication
TotalizerDifferentiator and integrator circuits
Trace, printed circuit boardBuilding simple resistor circuits
Tracking ADCTracking ADC
TransconductanceVoltage-to-current signal conversion
 Active-mode operation
Transconductance amplifierVoltage-to-current signal conversion
transducerPhysiological effects of electricity
 AC Instrumentation Transducers
transductorSpecial transformers and applications
Transform function, definition ofAlgebra Reference
Transform, FourierSquare wave signals
transformerMutual inductance
 Mutual inductance and basic operation
 What is alternating current (AC)?
 Sensitive voltage detector
transformer core, laminatedEnergy losses
transformer core, powdered ironEnergy losses
transformer couplingInput and output coupling
Transformer inrush currentInrush current
transformer isolationElectrical isolation
Transformer ratioStep-up and step-down transformers
Transformer, ferroresonantVoltage regulation
transformer, homemadeBuild a transformer
transformer, peakingCore saturation
Transformer, step-downStep-up and step-down transformers
Transformer, step-upStep-up and step-down transformers
Transformer, variableWinding configurations
 AC Instrumentation Transducers
TransientElectrical transients
 Voltmeter impact on measured circuit
 pH measurement
 Other waveshapes
Transistor, field-effectVoltmeter impact on measured circuit
 pH measurement
Transistor, junction field-effectStatic electricity sensor
transition temperatureSuperconductivity
transmission lineA 50-Ohm Cable?
TransmitterVoltage signal systems
Triangle waveMore on spectrum analysis
 AC Waveforms
Trigonometric derivativesCalculus Reference
Trigonometric equivalenciesTrigonometry Reference
Trigonometric identitiesTrigonometry Reference
Triode tubeThe triode
 Gas discharge tubes
 Depletion-type IGFETs
Triplen harmonicsHarmonics in Polyphase Power Systems
 Harmonic phase sequences
Tristate outputSpecial-output gates
TroubleshootingTroubleshooting -- Theory and Practice
 Component failure analysis
True-RMS meterMeasurements of AC magnitude
Truth tableDigital signals and gates
truth table to Karnaugh mapKarnaugh maps, truth tables, and Boolean expressions
TTLThe NOT gate
Tube, dischargeIonization (gas-filled) tubes
Tube, vacuumVoltmeter impact on measured circuit
 Winding configurations
tube, vacuum or electronConventional versus electron flow
tuner circuitResonant filters
Tuner circuit, radioApplications of resonance
tunnel diodeNonlinear Conduction
 Tunnel Diodes
 Tunnel Diode
tunneling transistorDouble-Layer Tunneling Transistor
Turing machineFinite-state machines
Twin-T circuit, differential capacitanceAC Instrumentation Transducers
Twisted pair cableIntroduction
two input adderHalf-Adder
Two's complementNegative binary numbers

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