The ebook FEEE - Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering and Electronics is based on material originally written by T.R. Kuphaldt and various co-authors. For more information please read the copyright pages.

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L, symbol for inductanceMagnetic fields and inductance
L1, "hot" wire designation"Ladder" Diagrams
L2, "neutral" wire designation"Ladder" Diagrams
Ladder circuit / logic gate equivalentsDigital logic functions
Lagging phase shiftAC Phase
 Calculating Power Factor
laminated coreHysteresis and Eddy Current
laminated iron coreEnergy losses
Laser diodeLaser diodes
latch vs. flip-flopEdge-triggered latches: Flip-Flops
Latch, DThe D latch
Latch, gated S-RThe gated S-R latch
Latch, S-RThe S-R latch
Latch-upCommon-Mode Gain
 High-impedance voltmeter
Latched stateNOR gate S-R latch
latchingThe Shockley Diode
Law of cosinesTrigonometry Reference
Law of sinesTrigonometry Reference
LC resonanceSimple parallel (tank circuit) resonance
Lead, testSafe meter usage
lead-acid batteryElectron activity in chemical reactions
 Practical considerations
Leading phase shiftAC Phase
 Calculating Power Factor
leakage currentDiode ratings
 Diode Characteristic
leakage inductanceMutual inductance and basic operation
 Stray capacitance and inductance
leakage, capacitorElectric fields and capacitance
LEDVoltmeter usage
 AND gate
 Light-emitting diodes
LED flasherLong Duration Minimum Parts Red LED Flasher
 Long Duration Blue LED Flasher
 Long Duration Flyback LED Flasher
 Long Duration Red LED Flasher
LED sequencerLED sequencer
Left-hand ruleElectromagnetism
Lenz's LawInductors and calculus
 AC Inductor Circuits
level switchSwitch types
Light Emitting DiodeAND gate
light-emitting diodeVoltmeter usage
 Light-emitting diodes
lightningNonlinear Conduction
limit switchSwitch types
Limits, calculusCalculus Reference
line decoderDecoder
Line, polyphase systemThree-Phase Y and Delta Configurations
linearNonlinear Conduction
linear induction motorLinear induction motor
linear taper potentiometerSensitive audio detector
 Potentiometer as a Voltage Divider
 Sensitive voltage detector
LinearitStrain gauges
Lissajous figureFrequency and Phase Measurement
Litmus strippH measurement
Litz wireInductor quirks
Load, nonlinearPower quality measurement
Loading, voltmeterVoltmeter impact on measured circuit
Lock-out/Tag-outSafe practices
LodestonePermanent magnets
LogarithmAlgebra Reference
Logarithm, commonpH measurement
Logarithm, naturalSolving for unknown time
Logarithmic scaleOhmmeter design
Logic gate / ladder circuit equivalentsDigital logic functions
logic gate shape symbolsShift Register, Parallel-in, Serial-out
Logic levelDigital signals and gates
logic simplificationIntroduction
Logic, AristotelianIntroduction
Logic, fuzzyIntroduction
Look-up tableLook-up tables
Loom, JacquardMemory with moving parts: "Drives"
Loop antennaPrinciples of radio
Low, logic levelDigital signals and gates
low-pass filterLow-Pass Filters
LSBDecimal versus binary numeration
LVDTAC Instrumentation Transducers

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